Custom Woodworking

Fall in love with the custom wood pieces available from GirlsLovePowerTools. You and your children will cherish our custom wood pieces for a lifetime.

Woods include pine, walnut and other stock as available. Tell us about your child’s favorite animal or toy and have us create a custom piece for you.  Our headboards fit a standard twin and are available in white translucent, clear or black translucent finishes that create a natural or rustic look. Tell us about your child’s room, their favorite character, and we will create a cozy space for them to do homework or read their favorite story in preparation for dreamtime.

Great Furniture for Children

At GirlsLovePowerTools we know it is important for parents and children to have intimate moments where they interact and bond with each other. Children feel loved when you cater and spend time in their world, encouraging them to dream, create, draw and record memories.  They love learning skills and habits like saving, and gratitude for parents who go the extra mile.

Contact us and tell us what favorite character and bed size you want for your child’s headboard.

Shark Bed sample

Currently Backordered
Tell us what animal or favorite character you want to see here.

Hand-made Quilt Trunk, front.

Hand-made Quilt Trunk at the foot of the bed.

Hand-made Quilt Trunk, up close.

Hand-made Quilt Trunk, plain.

Outdoor Table and Chairs

Hand-blown glass replicas.

Handmade bed stand, top.

Handmade bed stand, dark finish.

Handmade bed table, top.

Handmade bed stand.