Women Who Inspire

We all have moms, and every mom is a super mom in her own way.  It takes a lot to keep the family safe, happy, and together. We should take time to celebrate all that we do at home and at work. How can we avoid burn out or being frazzled? Is it about nutrition, diet, exercise, good habits? Could there be more to success than meets the eye? We will share ideas on these topics and more.

Every day we see Moms with limited resources transforming leftovers into gourmet meals, we see them leverage experiences learned during disasters into alternative processes and business opportunities. Tell us about your transformation, or how you became motivated to move in a new direction, and develop new skills.

Starting Your Own Super Mom Story

We are dedicated to empowering each and every woman with tools and ideas they can use to develop and grow their innate abilities and to make home a friendly place they want to be. We invite you to share your ingenious story or the story of something remarkable about the women in your life.  The memory of a favorite aunt, or grandma.  Somebody who made you feel loved and special, somebody who made you who you are today, or who you want to be.  Has the wisdom of your children shone through when you were at wit’s end?  Tell us how your children made or saved your day.

Read and comment on our blog. Tell us about your favorite takeaway. Did you sign up for our Blueprint on Female Enterprise?  Review our Blueprint and tell us how you will implement it.